What Do You Do?

At its simplest form, I create content. And I’m

  • a storyteller
  • a writer
  • an editor
  • a solo entrepreneur
  • a conversationalist
  • a collaborator
  • a mentor
  • a small business owner
  • an ally

What I (often) do is listen to you, capture your voice and your backstory, and create authentic, uncommon content that is uniquely you. (By the way, that’s the entire purpose behind launching Coffee, Conversation & Content.)

What else do I do?

  • crystalize your content
  • ghost write
  • line edit
  • proofread
  • research
  • fact check
  • ensure your message is on brand

Basically, I create uncommon content. What exactly does that mean?

I help refine your message, tell your story, and amplify your successes, helping spread the good word about who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Do you or your business have a unique backstory?
Let’s share it.

Do you have client successes?
Let’s create testimonial interview blogs or case studies.

Do you have information to boost your validity and help promote your offerings?
Let’s develop a newsletter or write case studies, columns, or blogs

Have you created content that needs refinement?
Hand it over, I can help. If it’s content-related, it’s what I do.

So, what is it that you do? And how can Uncommon Content help you refine that message. Ready when you are.

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