Who Is Nan Price—And What Makes Her A Content Expert?

I’m glad you’re here. This is my happy place. Right here, on a webpage, in the middle of a sentence.

Hi, I’m Nan Price and this is what drives me. I love creating content. I love refining your content. I love telling your story and I love that you’re reading this.

How did all this happen?

Here’s the part where I tell you I’ve dreamt about becoming a writer ever since I was a little girl. Perhaps here is where I touch on how I was a brooding teenager producing hundreds of angst-ridden poems and short stories (some award-winning, depending how you define “award”). Maybe this is the paragraph about how I specifically went away to college to study Creative Writing and planned to launch that into a publishing career.

Sometimes dreams come true—not because they’re planned, but because you seize an opportunity. I did go into publishing right out of college. I did move up a notch or two and became Associate Editor at a trade magazine. I did enter the workforce right around the time the world was embracing the world wide web. And, I didn’t see the opportunities for what they were.

If this were a movie or TV show, there would be a montage of Nan, 20 years ago, jumping on any opportunity to work in an economic recession. You’d see me in overalls and Converse high-tops learning to write search engine optimization-friendly copy for a startup.

You’d see me in a navy pants suit and gold pumps with a swanky title that basically meant Writer at one of Hartford’s insurance companies. There I am, well out of my comfort zone, writing online learning courseware.

There’s a vignette of me home raising a baby boy and building out my freelance credentials—in the beginning stages of learning about work-life alignment. And, there are images of me wielding my red pen, back to work as Associate Editor at another trade magazine.

Embracing opportunity.

While I was Website Curator of IDH, I interviewed close to 600 Hartford-area entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, do-gooders, and go-getters. Many of them encouraged me to embrace entrepreneurship. 

So, in 2018, I founded Uncommon Content LLC with the goal of helping individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses develop and refine their content.

I never dreamt I’d be here. Nor did I ever dream I’d start a business as a content development expert.

I say “expert” with some humility. I’ve spent 20+ years on this journey. Along the way, I’ve received enough positive feedback and encouragement to confirm: I must be doing something right. 

Testimonials go a long way. So do mentorship and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Finding your passion.

Passion is what drives many of the entrepreneurs I’ve met. It drives me, too. I’m passionate about everything content-related, from sentence structure to varying wording to untangling an interview and creating a story angle.

I love commas, semicolons, and em and en dashes. I’m passionate about editing, proofreading, and storytelling.

And, I’m passionate about helping you get your writing right. I’ve spent most of my life preparing for it. I’m ready to get started when you are.



Content creation is what we do—whether it’s writing web content, blogs, press releases, or case studies. 


Tell your brand story by refining your About Us page, customizing your bio, or sharing a client interview. 


Let us thoroughly review your content for spelling, punctuation,  grammatical errors, and clarification.

Where’s Nan Been?

Nan Price isn’t chained to her laptop, she has a voice she uses to interview others and discuss topics including entrepreneurialism, networking, and evolving. Check out some of her podcast experiences.

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Nan Price smiling at a microphone
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