And Why Should I Write Right Now?

Earlier this week, a friend who confessed that she knows she needs to start blogging asked me: How do you even start writing?

It’s a good question and one I’ve been asked countless times over the years. All I can say is: Just start. Whatever works for you—pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, even voice to iPhone then transcription.

Just get your thoughts out. And remember: Your first version is your first version for a reason. It’s never the final version.

What if you simply don’t know how to write? Again, start by getting your thoughts down in a format that works for you. Maybe it’s an idea you want to write about, maybe it’s a bulleted list of items, maybe you’re looking to share information about yourself to help connect your audience to you.

A content expert can help take all those thoughts and shape them into what’s needed, whether it’s a company blog or an About Us page. We are experienced in translating ideas into relatable, engaging content.

How can my writing be relevant right now?

Given the state of the world, perhaps you’re wondering how your writing can possibly be important or necessary. People need to read something other than the news. We need positivity. We need creativity. We need to know businesses will continue to thrive.

Now is the time to communicate and build empathy with your audience. Now is also the time to get creative with your business and draw attention to how your services can meet a need—if not now, then on the other side of our current crisis. And, if you’re donating, volunteering, or supporting other small businesses, now is the time to share about the ways you and your business are doing good in the community.

If you’ve thought about starting to blog or revising your web content, now is the time. Amidst a pandemic, many of us are home and have the gift of time. Take 10 to 15 minutes of your day to write.

Ready to get started? Just write. Don’t worry about getting it right—leave that part to Uncommon Content LLC.

Contact us when you’re ready to have an expert review, shape, and clarify your content.