I spent a lot of 2021 lying on the floor and deliberately breathing in and out. Not because I had given up—because I needed to reset and feel grounded.

It’s okay to reset. I tell my teenager this all the time. We call it “Ctrl+Alt+Delete.” It’s a way of starting over. It’s a freshly sharpened pencil, a blank sheet of paper, an untitled document with a blinking cursor. And, it’s staring at the ceiling, breathing, and rethinking new approaches to things.

We’re not all experts at everything. We can’t be. That’s why some of us struggle to write a 600-word essay, others are challenged by Excel files, and still others are perplexed by looking at the big picture.

Sometimes a change of perspective is exactly what we need. Sometimes we need a change of scenery. Sometimes we need the willingness to look at things differently.

Sometimes handing things over or asking for help helps us feel grounded—regardless of whether it’s a personal challenge we’re grappling with or a professional one. Yes, I’m talking about content creation here.

It’s easy to get stuck when you’re creating content—whether you’re writing a bio or building a website. It can be challenging to view things from a different perspective. And, often it’s advantageous to bring in expert experience.

It’s the same reason I use an accountant: I’m good with words, not numbers. And it’s why I often bring in a strategist when I’m working with a new client; someone who can bring a new perspective.

If you’re ready to hand over the reins, content-wise, and open to a new perspective, I’m here to provide one. You may want to start by lying on the floor. Take some deep breaths then reach out when you’re ready.