I don’t know about you, but the About Us page is one of the first places I visit on a website, especially if I’m looking to engage with a new company.

I visit the About Us page because I want to know when the company launched. Are they a startup or do they have decades of experience? I want to know why they’re in business—not to sell a product or service, but why they’re passionate about what they’re doing. I also want to know why I should engage in doing business with that company—and I don’t want to be sold to. I want to be convinced.

Let me break it down.


Sharing about when your company launched is putting your money where your words are. A new startup with little experience may hook someone with a smaller budget or it may tell the story of someone with years of experience who finally took the entrepreneurship leap (ahem).

What do you feel when you read about a business that’s been around for decades? Trust. Stability. Right?

Think about this, too: The seasoned business owner has been putting in the blood, sweat, and tears to gain that experience, which justifies them to charge more. For example, a college graduate may charge $75 to write your resumé, whereas my rates start at $250. Why? Because I’ve been writing people’s resumés since I was in college. (Let’s leave the math out of this equation, except to say I’ve helped dozens of people with their resumés and many of them have landed jobs as a result.)


Speaking of resumés, if your potential clients want to read a summary of your resumé, they can visit your LinkedIn profile. Your About Us page isn’t where you list your accolades and every position you’ve held. It’s the place to share why you do what you do.

What drives you? What about you or your business would convince a potential client to choose to work with you? If you have a specific niche, tell your reader why and what makes you qualified to serve that niche.


It’s not enough to say you’re great at what you do. Prove it. This requires subtlety, empathy, and purpose.

If you’re a design company, your About Us page should be visually flawless. If you’re a life coach, a visitor to your site should want to work with you after reading your About Us page because you’ve shared depth and developed trust. And, if you’re a writer, your About Us page should be engaging. It should tell a story.

And, You’ll Live Happily Ever After

Many About Us pages include what I call, “The White Picket Fence Clause.” It’s the statement about the business owner living in a restored farmhouse with their loving spouse, beautiful children, and doting pets. Sometimes it’s the part where the business owner lets you know where she can be found when she’s not in business mode—sipping lattes, enjoying the beach, hiking mountains, kayaking, saving the world.

Ask yourself if your potential clients need to know that information about you. Use your personal information wisely to make a connection. If you work with nonprofits, then, yes, this is a great place to mention the joy you gain from giving back to the community.

Okay, Just A Tiny Bit About Me…

In case you wondered, engaging with clients to create their About Us pages is one of my favorite projects. I love storytelling and I’m driven to gather information from people and help them connect with their potential clients. I’m happy to help you tell your story about you. Reach out when you’re ready.