“Can I pick your brain for a few minutes?”

I’ve heard that several times in the past few weeks. So, I’m starting to sense a pattern and I’m beginning to wonder: Am I giving something away or is this validation that I have something to give?

The bigger questions actually are: Why are people coming to me with their questions? What does it mean to be a content provider? How am I marketing my business?

Confession time. I used to think the content I created was strictly in the written form. With a little persuasion, I’ve realized I have a lot more to offer. I’ve learned that I can not only listen, but I can speak to people. I’ve learned that I have insight and, apparently, that’s what people are seeking from me right now.

Does this mean I should pivot my business model and become a coaching company? No, it means I have credibility, people value my input, and I’m building a potential referral network. (Bonus: I’m boosting my confidence.)

This is marketing, in a sense. It’s a soft, organic way of having my name out there without necessarily talking about what I do. It’s gentle networking. It’s authentic, engaging, and empathetic.

Why? Because you are worth the 20-minute phone call. You are worth my ears, my voice, and my time. It’s not just because I want your business; I genuinely want you to succeed.

I recently interviewed a business owner about value and giving back in the community. He spoke of karma and the balance of the universe. He shared about being given time by others when he was first starting out and the impact that had on him—which made it all the more important for him to give it back.

I wholeheartedly agree. Because I would not be here if it weren’t for someone else spending that 20 minutes with me.

Redefining and embracing this approach means I am here for you, whether you’re my next client, my future collaborator, or you simply need to “pick my brain.”