Opportunity. Possibility. Transition. Those are the three words that came to my mind during my morning meditation.

What can I say about 2022? It was a lot. A lot of success. A lot of growth. A lot of unexpected change. As I lean further into my what’s next, I’m trying to slow down and set intentions. Meanwhile, many of us are frantically placing stamps on holiday cards. We’re lighting candles and decking the halls. We’re dashing off one last email and scheduling one last virtual coffee. We’re tearing off the December page of the 2022 calendar and thinking about 2023.

Some of us are leaning into the “new year, new you” mentality. Some of us are setting goals. Some of us are making promises—those that start with “this is the year I will…” Some of us are already deep into next year.

I am here. Right where my feet are. Deliberately inhaling and exhaling. Trying to stay focused more on the windshield and less on the rearview mirror—except when I need a reminder of how far I’ve come.

Which leads me to gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you if you’re reading this. Thank you if you’ve been cheerleading me all along. Thank you especially to those who have been coaching me, mentoring me, answering my early morning phone calls, Zooming, endlessly texting, meeting for coffee, responding to all my questions, and otherwise walking along this entrepreneurial path with me. It’s been a quite a journey.

I don’t know what’s next—but I do have faith it will all come together. And by the way, the thought that came to my head at the end of my mediation was: It’s going to be amazing.