I’ve been wearing glasses probably as long as I’ve called myself a writer. And, I’ve always recommended a second pair of eyes. Particularly in the early stages of content development.

If you’ve thoroughly gone through the process, you’ve written and rewritten, deleted and repeated, read and reread a half dozen times. You’re fairly certain what you’ve written makes sense. Microsoft Word isn’t showing any red squiggly lines beneath words or dotted lines beneath phrases. You got this.

Read that again. You got this. But, does everyone else? Does your wording actually make sense? Does your audience truly get the message you’re conveying?

Sometimes, we read things we wrote the way we think we’ve written them. And, let’s be honest, it’s easy enough to proofread yourself and trust that you (and Microsoft Word or autocorrect) know what you’re saying.

That’s one benefit to bringing in another set of eyes: They belong to someone who’s not invested in your words the same way as you are. While you may have labored over that semicolon or adverb, within moments, a content expert could divide one sentence into two or eliminate wording they feel may be unnecessary. Why? Because they’re experts at content creation and concision. They’re also experts at finding typos and misplaced words.

A second set of eyes can not only proofread and edit, another person can also provide an aerial view and help you shape exactly what you’re thinking. A content developer can help by strategizing your messaging and word choices. They’re experts at their craft. And, they’re experts at making you look like an expert, whether you have two eyes or four.

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